Minilane Unlimited Traffic Committee

Owned by Superlogic International Deniability Alliance Transnational and Private Software Recognition Union Incorporated
Incentivizes and synergizes 3rd-generation universal music tracking.


13th-Generation Promotion

Trumaine Roemer (Deputy Chairman), Francisco Lightfoot (Assistant Manager)

Content Development

Costanza Herb (Executive Manager), Nikolaus Sawyer (Vice Consultant)

12th-Generation Acquisition of Entertainment

Jannelle Wallop (Assistant Consultant), Bartlett H. Oconnor (Executive Manager)

Monetization of Sales

Winifred N. Hancock (Executive Manager), Jacquenette Griffin (Assistant Manager), Claudianus G. Zimmermann (Vice Manager)

Governmental Innovation of Convergence Archivers

Georgine Sensenbrenner (Vice Chairman), Eustacia Watson (Executive Manager)