Minilane Unlimited Traffic Committee

Owned by Superlogic International Deniability Alliance Transnational and Private Software Recognition Union Incorporated
Incentivizes and synergizes 3rd-generation universal music tracking.


Royal Bright-Yellow Security Feeder Disintermediator

Petronilla I. Lightfoot (Assistant Manager), Emmaline H. Elliott (Senior Manager), Frederico Delay (Guest Assistant)

Tactical Purple Ghost Storm

Inglebert Dick (Chief Programmer), Annemarie Annunzio (Assistant Assistant), Willabella X. Matthew (Guest Programmer)

Transparent Purple Pool Packaging Box Estimator

Dominique V. Solarz (Lead Programmer), Papageno U. Jacobs (Senior Designer), Georgena Hammerschmidt (Chief Designer)

Tested Bright-Beige Cloud Traffic Pig Identifier

Eugenius A. Hastert (Chief Assistant), Charlton Watson (Assistant Assistant), Vittorio I. Cardin (Assistant Consultant)

Totally Ordinary Energy Zapper

Christoforo X. Hartman (Lead Designer), Sepp Walton (Guest Consultant), Francisco T. Taylor (Chief Programmer)

Bandwidth-monitored Light-Green Dogfood Compiler Data

Corabelle Zimmermann (Lead Consultant), Alexandre D. Morgan (Chief Assistant), Bernardo Clark (Chief Consultant)